Zoom Gaming Art Printed Large Mouse Pad
Zoom Gaming Art Printed Large Mouse Pad
Zoom Gaming Art Printed Large Mouse Pad
Zoom Gaming Art Printed Large Mouse Pad

Gaming Art Printed Large Mouse Pad

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Brand Name: iMice
Material: Rubber
Model Number: Mouse Pad
Package: Yes
Style: Radiation Protection
Products Status: Stock
Color 1: all black
Color 2: world map
Size 1: 400*900 mm
Size 2: 300*800 mm
Size 3: 300*700 mm
Size 4: 250*350 mm
Version: Speed
Feature 1: Fsat Shipping from Russia
Feature 2: Support Drop Shipping
Feature 3: Support Wholesale
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Function 15: desk mat,surface for mouse,surface for mause
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Function 19: mausepad xxl,large computer mouse pad
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Function 21: large computer mausepad,desk pad
Function 22: mousepad with backlight,mause pad with backlight

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